Hvid business superior skjorte

Hvid business superior skjorte

Melide, white

748 kr

En elegant dagligdags skjorte syet i dobbyvævet bomuldsstof. Vævetekniken i dette stof kaldes dobbyvæv og giver en ternet mønstereffekt i stoffet med en svag glans og blød overflade for et eksklusivt look. Business superior krave og matchende hvide knapper. Nem at stryge. Syet efter dine mål.

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Tekstil Melide, white (100% bomuld)
Krave Business Superior
Manchet Convertible, runde
Knap Arezzo, white
Opacitet Uigennemsigtig
Farve Hvid
Mønster Ensfarvet
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-4237

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"The shirt fabric makes an upmarket impression with a slightly shiny finish. I got a little surprised about the clearly visible small checkered pattern. But it looked good, and so I kept it."

, 2019-10-28

"Very nice material and excellent shirt quality."

, 2019-02-27

"Good dress shirt material"

, 2019-02-18

"Great fabric"

, 2019-02-07

"Fabric is great."

, 2019-01-24

"Before I decided to buy the shirt. I read lots of reviews about it. There were some that stated that the fabric was shiny and not really professional nor great for a casual event. I think this fabric is fantastic."

, 2018-06-27

"good quality"

, 2018-04-22

"Very pleased! However, it would be easier to select the fabric if there was more information posted on the range on the website"

, 2018-02-15

"I didn't realize by looking at the screen that the shirt was actually "shinny / glossy". It is therefore a shirt I won't wear everyday. It might have been written somewhere but I didn't see that. Next time I will pay attention."

, 2017-12-01

"As said on another occasion the colour range for shirts and trousers is rather unusal to the British taste .Also you offer only chinos and not the more formal trousers. I therefore find it difficult to order from the existing range."

, 2017-10-24

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