Grå oxfordskjorte

Grå oxfordskjorte

Gondomar, gray

699 kr

Grå herreskjorte syet i et blødt stone washed oxfordstof med en elegant struktur. Business classic krave og hvide knapper. En klassisk skjorte, der passer sammen med dine favorit jeans eller et par chinos. Skræddersy denne skjorte i din størrelse.

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Tekstil Gondomar, gray (100% bomuld)
Krave Business Classic
Manchet Convertible, runde
Knap Arezzo, ivory
Opacitet Very opaque
Farve Grå
Mønster Ensfarvet
Vævning Oxford
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-4170

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"Love the fabric and overall good build just not sure if the size is right."

, 2020-08-06

"Good heavy fabric, years of wear no doubt."

, 2020-06-14

"Nice weight and soft to the hand"

, 2019-10-10

"Quite a heavy fabric. Feels substantial and is nice to wear with more casual outfits. Is not that soft, but not that rough either. It feels pretty durable."

, 2019-08-20

"Sturdy, easy to iron, looks crisp all day long"

, 2019-06-10

"I have been very happy with the workmanship and the materials that have been use in the shirts you have made me in the past as well as the most recent. I only hope you will let all the people who have a hand in making my shirts to know this. Because you know as well as I your company is only as good as the people that do the work. Thank You Michael Talbot"

, 2019-03-26

"Great fabric - long lasting and always crisp"

, 2019-02-26

"Great fabric and colour. Looks sharp in a black suit or with jeans."

, 2019-01-27

"Sturdy quality feel. It appears very similar in person as shown in the photo."

, 2018-10-01

"Not as soft feeling. Will try different material next time."

, 2018-02-19

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