Hvid Oxford skjorte

Hvid Oxford skjorte

Gondomar, white

699 kr

En elegant hvid Oxford-skjorte i et slidstærkt og meget blødt oxford-vævet bomuldsstof. Match med et par blå chinos og et læderbælte for det ultimative outfit til hverdag. Bestil vores foreslåede design eller tilpas efter egne ønsker og præferencer. Skræddersyet efter dine mål. 

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Tekstil Gondomar, white (100% bomuld)
Krave Cut-away Modern
Manchet Enkelt knap, rund
Knap Arezzo, ivory
Opacitet Very opaque
Farve Hvid
Mønster Ensfarvet
Vævning Oxford
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-12431

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"Excellent fabric"

, 2020-10-07

"Fabric is heavy and looks creased even after ironing"

, 2020-09-25

"The fabric itself was nice. Heavy enough to drape nice, but very breathable - just what I want out of an Oxford Cloth. I rate it low because of the Tailor Store collar options. Oxford cloth shirts traditionally have soft button down collar with a slightly exaggerated roll. The button down classic is the closest thing Tailor Store offers to this. It is a 2.25" collar that sits very flat. I recently purchased a shit from a competitor that has a 3.25" collar with a nice roll to it - much more in line with what I want from an OCBD. I know this isn't strictly a rating for the cloth, but to me this fabric and the collar style I described are a package deal."

, 2020-08-27

"As above with the black shirt"

, 2020-01-28

"I am reluctant to buy clothes off the internet.... I need to touch and feel....see in person the texture and quality. This fabric is nice....heavy, smooth...holds the starch nicely. The fit was right on, just from the phone app."

, 2020-01-21

"The fabric isn't as soft as i would like but it is still heavy and feels expensive. I have a flannel like shirt however it only comes in baby blue and light grey."

, 2020-01-10

"For a casual shirt it's ok. The feeling against the skin and quality is comparable to what can be purchased from mainstream shops here, which is nice."

, 2019-10-29

"Quality fabric with some breathability which is great for Oxford shirts. Amazing."

, 2019-05-28

"I really like the feel of the fabric."

, 2019-04-01

"The only word I can come up is EXCELLENT"

, 2019-02-12

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