Hvid Oxford skjorte med cut-away krave

Hvid Oxford skjorte med cut-away krave

Huesa, white

699 kr

Hvid Oxford skjorte med extreme cut-away krave. Dette stof er et fint pinpoint Oxford och falder flot. Nem at stryge. Syet efter dine mål.

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Tekstil Huesa, white (100% bomuld)
Krave Cut-away Extreme
Manchet Enkelknap, kantede
Knap Weldon, white
Opacitet Normal
Farve Hvid
Mønster Ensfarvet
Vævning Oxford
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-7405

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"Love these Huesa pinpoints."

, 2020-06-23

"Beautiful fabric."

, 2020-03-30

"The material the shirt was made from was very thin almost see through much thinner than previous sheets I have ordered. I will not be ordering again."

, 2019-10-21

"Quality feel and comfortable"

, 2019-09-18

"Genensigtigt stof"

, 2018-10-23


, 2018-10-14

"It's very transparent, if the fit is tight. Also, it's very formal; I was hopping it would look more casual given the oxford weave."

, 2018-09-06

"The fabric actually shrank a little bit in the dryer. Have not had that issue with any of the rack 100% cotton shirts cheap or expensive. It’s still wearable but it reduces the confidence with which I may repeat the purchase"

, 2018-08-31

"Hard to iron"

, 2018-08-17

"It's probably as good as it gets, but it is still quite warm to wear in the exceptional weather we've been having. But I still think it's a great product"

, 2018-08-07

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