Lyseblå stonewashed Oxford-skjorte

Lyseblå stonewashed Oxford-skjorte

Gondomar, light blue

699 kr

Lyseblå stonewashed Oxford-skjorte. Virkelig blød og behagelig at bære. En holdbar skjorte du kan bære og blive glad for. Skræddersyet efter dine mål. 

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Tekstil Gondomar, light blue (100% bomuld)
Krave Button-down Modern
Manchet Enkelt knap, rund
Knap Arezzo, white
Opacitet Very opaque
Farve Blå
Mønster Ensfarvet
Vævning Oxford
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-4195

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"More colours?"

, 2020-01-22

"Great fabric - very heavy and holds it's form."

, 2020-01-13

"Must iron every time."

, 2019-11-05

"was not clear from the picture that the fabric is best suited for casual rather than business tyle"

, 2019-04-29

"Very thick and heavy, looks like it'll last well."

, 2018-12-08

"The thicker fabric is good for the winter months."

, 2018-12-05

"Again nice quality material thicker material for this shirt I love it, warm for this time of year will stil be great in summer I’m sure"

, 2018-11-30

"I didn't know the fabric was going to be so thick and bulky. Not bad, just not what I was expecting. I'll have to pay closer attention to the thickness next time I choose."

, 2018-05-24

"It is much thicker than expected but it was probably my mistake as later I realized what fabirc weight is."

, 2018-05-14

"Good quality fabric"

, 2018-01-15

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