Smart, ternet skjorte

Smart, ternet skjorte

Wessex, navy

499 kr

Smart, ternet skjorte med blå tern på en marineblå baggrund. Overfladen er let børstet, og skjorten er behagelig at bære. Brug den med casual bukser og en blazer for et stilfuldt look. Skræddersyet efter dine mål.

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Tekstil Wessex, navy (100% bomuld)
Krave Cut-away Classic
Manchet Enkelknap, kantede
Knap Boiro, navy
Opacitet Meget uigennemsigtig
Farve Blå
Mønster Ternet
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-12701

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"Waiting for a couple of wash cycles."

, 2020-11-11

"What I did is I had a shirt already that fit to perfection and I had them copy that shirt and they copied it to perfection I couldn’t be more happier the shirts are top notch the fabric is amazing I can’t say enough about the quality of craftsmanship I’m pretty sure these shirts somewhere else would cost 300 bucks I’m pretty amazed and satisfied with all my shirts. Even though they don’t have a number which I wish they did to talk to someone their customer service is also top-notch because they respond pretty quick they have been nothing but professional and they keep the word when they say if you weren’t satisfied they will fix it"

, 2020-11-06

"It's really soft and breathable but not see through"

, 2020-08-21

"Wish the fabric was a little lighter."

, 2020-01-01

"Nice fabric!"

, 2019-06-20

"Soft and comfortable"

, 2019-05-30

"very nice and soft"

, 2019-04-24

"Great materials"

, 2019-01-03

"Great feeling fabric. Could use a little more stretch to it"

, 2018-08-27

"Looks very nice"

, 2018-08-06

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